Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ankle Health

Whether to prevent a sprain or perfect your ability to cut on a dime - use this series of exercises to optimize your ankles

This a very easy to follow corrective exercise protocol to keep your ankles healthy.  And with healthy ankles comes increased stability, mobility, and productivity.  Improve your lateral movement as well as your ground based strength and power.  Follow these simple exercises in order to get the most our of this key joint:
Check the video for more details:
1. Self Myofascial Release or what we at ZoneReady call Self Care:  Hit the outside part of your calf on each side for about 90seconds.
2. Active/Isolated Stretching of the outside of your calf.  Hold each rep for 2seconds and then release for 15reps on each side.
3. Ankle Js with your feet elevated.  Do both at the same time for 20 reps each - isolate the movement at the ankles, don't let the hips get involved.

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