Sunday, January 16, 2011

Developing Explosive Hips

This is a slight variation on a fundamental ancillary lift - The Split Hang Clean Pull provides a stable platform to develop explosive hips along with a staggered stance to accelerate the transferability from training into the real world

The idea here is to show three separate videos and focus on a positive and also an area we'd like to improve upon.  As you can see there are multiple things during each rep that each athlete is doing well and not so well.  These are variations of movements that are Olympic sports - in other words... strive for perfection with the intension of achieving excellence.  My cues are based on what I think would be most vital to improving technique and the subsequent transferability to high performance for sport (in this case rugby).  So, don't get all miffed by trying to correct everything for every lift - pick one facet, just one small area you'd like to improve; and focus on one cue that can help you do it better.
I trust these short clips will help you cue yourself or athletes you train to get 1% better everyday!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ankle Health

Whether to prevent a sprain or perfect your ability to cut on a dime - use this series of exercises to optimize your ankles

This a very easy to follow corrective exercise protocol to keep your ankles healthy.  And with healthy ankles comes increased stability, mobility, and productivity.  Improve your lateral movement as well as your ground based strength and power.  Follow these simple exercises in order to get the most our of this key joint:
Check the video for more details:
1. Self Myofascial Release or what we at ZoneReady call Self Care:  Hit the outside part of your calf on each side for about 90seconds.
2. Active/Isolated Stretching of the outside of your calf.  Hold each rep for 2seconds and then release for 15reps on each side.
3. Ankle Js with your feet elevated.  Do both at the same time for 20 reps each - isolate the movement at the ankles, don't let the hips get involved.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deadlift Anywhere

Sometimes you gotta grab onto something heavy and just pull - make sure your core is the strong link!

Nothing too detailed here, just a healthy reminder to:
a.) Create tremendous intra-abdominal pressure when you lift.  This is the appropriate breath hold in combo with the tightening of inner and outer unit musculature to create optimal torso rigidity.   In short: hold your lungs at 75% capacity, fight your abdominals out like a sneeze, and GO!  (Please make sure you get a yearly physical).  I teach this concept with all the teams and groups I work with and go into extreme detail during 1on1 sessions.  I apologize for cursing over it today - keep checking in and I'll continue to drop some nuggets as '11 rears on!
b.) Remember "functional training" is only that, if it empowers you to do something that you want to do.  Keep on with your deadlifts, cleans, thrusters, zercher squats, 1-arm alternating kettlebell split snatches, etc.  There is a time for focused skill and strength gains in one area and a time to expand your ability to harness generalized motor programs that keep you strong and athletic for the real world.  To truly master both - realize that all training is functional in the long run.  More on my thoughts on this in the future.