Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clean Ancillary - Hang Clean from Mid-Thigh on Boxes

Create a more sudden 2nd pull by using plyo boxes as a starting point for your hang clean

Use the Hang Clean from Mid-Thigh on Boxes if you have the following issues:
1. Start bending your elbows prior to 2nd pull.
2. As you explode - your back extends before your hips, knees and ankles do.
3. Lacking optimal aggressiveness at GO time!

This lift is awesome for athletes who want to have explosive legs and hips and subsequently fast hands.  It's important not to rip the bar off the boxes.  Instead, let your hips and legs do the work by initiating and moving the bar as far/fast as possible.  Then, get lightening quick and get yourself underneath everything  to finish.

Beginners... use light weight and strive for near perfection in your posture. Be patient with your rack, get your hips to extend completely.  95-135lbs (40-60kg) of 3-4 sets for 5 reps is a winner.
Advanced... You'll probably start counting working sets around 65-75% of your clean max.  Use it like any other ancillary lift to increase bar speed and improve technique.

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