Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Squatting Below Parallel

Get your squat grooved just right to reap the maximum benefits (and stay in one piece)

Two issues that every coach and athlete must face when it comes to the squat:
1. Maintaining posture throughout an entire squat, especially at the end range/bottom position.
2. Maintaining the necessary intra-abdominal pressure to keep the pelvis and trunk connected.

Losing either of these battles leads to a shortened career squatting, due to lack of performance and/or injury.  For this video, I really want to dial into grooving that ideal squatting motion or hip hinge.  All the while keeping the low back with an acceptable lordosis.  You'll find your spine staying healthier, your hamstrings and gluteals being utilized more (thanks for the feedback 2nd day DOMS), and an improved endurance for stabilizing your core.  My focus will be on addressing issue #1 for this blog, my application will be the air squat.

Dial in and get these 5 things done to improve your below parallel squat:
1. Claw the ground with your toes
2. Spread the earth without letting your feet move
3. Initiate the downward motion by pushing your hips back smoothly
4. Allow the knees to bend
5. Keep your bodyweight on your heels

- Aim your butt BACK & DOWN - use a box or a bench as a target and kiss it with your cheeks.
- Hold onto a stable structure while air squatting to put more stretch on the hamstrings and elicit more from your posterior chain.
- Increase your range just like you would increase your strength; gains are made over time with consistency and dedication.

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